Lincoln County Soccer League

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    Registration Information
    If you registered your child last season (Fall 2018) online, please follow this link above to login and register for this season. You will need to log in with the account you created last time. When you log in you will see your child's information. Click on Register Now to register for this season. Then under PLAYERS click on Recreational Spring 2019 - PLAYERS. Verify your parent info and click continue at the bottom. Select the player you are registering (If you have multiple children you will be able to register them all in one transaction. You need to verify each child's information). When child is selected, click on Add Registration for Selected Player. The division for the child must be selected to continue (this is based on the birth year of the child). Once selected, click on Continue to Player Information. Verify your child's information and you will need to fill out the Allergies item either by listing any known allergies or putting NA. Then click on Continue to Documents. In the documents section you can upload a picture of your child and/or upload an image of your child's birth certificate as age verfication. If not, then scroll down and click on Continue to Waivers. There are three waivers: LCSL Code of Conduct, NMYSA Waiver, and Parent Concussion Policy Statement for Heads UP. Please read each waiver and check the box to indicate you read and acknowledge the waivers. Click Next Waiver to move to the next waiver and then Continue to Register Players when you are done. You will be returned to registration screen. If you have other children to register then click on those children and repeat the above process for each. If you have one child or you have completed for all children, then click on Continue Registration. A summary of the registration charges will be listed. If this is correct, then click on Continue to Payment Method. If something is not right, go back and adjust. In the payment method, please select credit card or ACH and enter the information to complete. To pay by check or cash you must come to a registration event and pay in person.

    Your child should be using the jersey they had in the Fall. If they have lost their jersey, you will need to come to one of the registration events to order a new jersey in person.

    Your child will be on the same team they were on in the Fall. If you are needing your child to play up to another division, you will need to come to a registration event and fill out a "play-up" form and talk with a league administrator. If you do not have an account, please click below to set up an account and then follow the directions to complete the registration.